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Serving the SARNIA area, Glen Fenwick Motors Ltd, located at 885 Campbell St in SARNIA, ON, is your premier retailer of Pre-owned vehicles. Our dedicated sales staff and top-trained technicians are here to make your auto shopping experience fun, easy and financially advantageous. Please utilize our various online resources and allow our excellent network of people to put you in your ideal car, truck or SUV today!

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We have a vast and exciting history. See our timeline below:

July 1, 1955
Ron Fenwick and Sam Beatty open a service station at the corner of Shepherd and Ontario (now it’s a convenience store) with Edna as the bookkeeper. They quickly become know as, “The best mechanics in town.”

After a move to our present location, which was precipitated by a fire, Beatty & Fenwick Garage begins to service a funny little import that looks like a 1946 Ford. It’s called Volvo.

Ron is impressed by Volvo’s handling, toughness and a seldom recognized quality known as “safety”. He buys and repairs a wrecked 1963 544, and begins a lifelong relationship as an owner.

Looking to move up in style, Ron buys and repairs a wrecked 1967 144 for the family vehicle.

Business is strong so Ron & Sam add 2 more work bays for a total of 5.

Ron & Edna purchase their first brand new car, a 1973 142 GL, Pumpkin 0range with Black Leather (keep in mind this was the 70s).

The last of at least 5 consecutive Volvo dealers stop selling the brand. With Beatty & Fenwick Garage doing all the service work, it is very hard for the dealers to be profitable. So when Ron approached Volvo Canada to buy parts directly, they said, “No way. Only to dealers. You’ve been fixing them for 20 years, why not sell them?” And so we became a big time car dealer with 2 new Volvos & the hockey stick Volvo sign that is still on our lot today.

Rapid acceptance of Beatty & Fenwick Volvo allows us to exclusively service Volvo cars. Hoo-Ray! No more domestics! An amazing number of long-time customers switch to Volvo, and stay with us to this day.

After a successful 31 year partnership, Sam retires to spend more time with his family and hobbies. Ron and Edna become sole proprietors with Glen lurking in the background.

A single car showroom is added to the front of the building.

The 90s
Volvo statistics tell us the Sarnia has more Volvo cars per capita than any other city in Canada. They also tell us that our service penetration (the number of cars we fix compared to how many we sell) is 101%. Normally a great score for a dealership is 65%. Ours is very high because many people come from outside our area for repairs.

Two more bays are added to the rear of the shop for a total of 7 work bays.

Beatty & Fenwick Volvo changes it’s name to Glen Fenwick Motors to represent the changing times.

We finish the year with the highest ratings for a Volvo dealership in Canada for customer satisfaction in sales and service.

Major facility upgrade occurs with an expanded showroom. We have an all new exterior with signage and a new parts & service area. During this time we finished again at the top of the heap for customer satisfaction. We also sell more cars than ever.

On July 1st ? Glen Fenwick Motors became the new authorized Subaru dealer for Lambton County.

Still the leader for total customer satisfaction. Dennis Dwyer, one of the few Volvo Expert Technicians in Canada, is taken to Sweden in recognition for belonging to the best of the best in North America.

Great customers, great new product, a bright future.


2006 was a big year for us. The Hyundai brand had not had a dealer in town for the previous 2 years. Sensing that Hyundai was “the Next Big Thing” in the auto industry, we took on the franchise and opened it up in our old Volvo building on Nov. 1 2006. The local response was immediate and overwhelming!


Having consolidated our Subaru – Volvo brands to the current location at 835 Ontario, we set forth on watching our 3 brands grow at a rate we’d never experienced before.


While plans were underway for the construction of our new Hyundai dealership we again saw great increase in Hyundai and Subaru sales. Volvo was beginning to feel the effects of the parent company, Ford and their indecision as to what the future was for Volvo as national sales started to slip. Subaru Shane Witham comes on board in our Subaru Sales department with a compelling story of how his Subaru Impreza saved his life in a spectacular accident.


On November 14th 2009 we moved into our amazing new Hyundai facility located beside our original building. This new building would really help us during the surprising blizzard of 2009 along with the snow that Lambton County received during the winter. The larger showroom allowed us to present the entire line up of cars in a warm, comfortable environment. In the fall of 2009 Jim MacKenzie joined us in our sales department at Hyundai. Jimmy had been taking care of Sarnia’s Happy Hyundanian’s since the Pony arrived in Canada in 1984! At the height of the world economic meltdown that was just hitting full bloom, we experienced an amazing phenomenon when our sales went up for Subaru and Hyundai as people placed a new emphasis on value, safety and quality above all else. We began to focus on Volvo service, parts and warranty ahead of sales during 2009.


After another year of growth while most all other major brands saw significant decreases in sales, we partnered up with Todd Clark. Todd comes from a similar background in Wyoming as the Dealer Principal of Ron Clark Ford, a well known 2nd generation dealership like ourselves. Todd and Glen make for a great team providing long and short range goals in light of the stunning growth during the past 6 years which saw Fenwick Motors become the best selling import brand in Lambton County. The staunch support of the most loyal ownership group of friends and clients has been the foundation of this growth with the continual referral of our burgeoning dealership with small town values.


This is the first year that our Hyundai’s outsell top ranked brands such as Toyota and Honda. It’s a major accomplishment for us considering we’ve been with Hyundai for only 4 full calendar years while the other two have been around for 20+ years. Our Subaru business has now grown to twice the volume of what Volvo was during its heydays!


In 2012 we formally open our Fenwick Pre-Owned Centre for our locally sourced pre-owned inventory. It’s located in our original Volvo building at the corner of Campbell and Ontario streets. Our AutoSpa comes into it’s own providing complete auto detailing services to make your car look like new again. Complete interior and exterior care along with headlight polishing and other services keep us hopping. Sales end up on a high note as we top all other import competition for the year with Hyundai. Subaru continues to develop the same passionate, cult like ownership group that we have with our Volvo owners as new models are introduced that win a variety of industry and consumer awards.


The Tint Shop opens! Seeing that over 70% of the vehicles that we sell request some form of paint protection or window tint, we set up our new tint king, Tyler, with the best training and equipment available. We rack up another great year of Sales and Service while we welcome our new General Sales Manager, George Caceres to the family.

Subaru develops the all new 2014 Forester from the ground up keeping everything you love and adding more comfort and refinement.

Hyundai launches their fully redesigned 2015 Sonata continuing the trend of more value for money and a more compelling styling than the competition.

Subaru launches their all new 2017 Impreza Hatchback and Sedan riding on all new global architechture. Hyundai Launches their all new 2017 Elantra with patented SuperStructure.


Hyundai Launches the new Elantra GT hatchback. Subaru Launches the all new Impreza. Fenwick Subaru completes a significant renovation and extension of the service facility, increasing capacity by 33%, and adding additional showroom space for the expanding model line.


Subaru Debuts the new Subaru Ascent, the largest Subaru we’ve ever offered.