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Auto Spa Packages

Glen Fenwick Auto Spa

Welcome to Our Auto Spa

The Auto Spa at Fenwick Motors provides three types of packages.

The Bronze Package

A cost effective detail to prolong the beauty of vehicle. A great maintenance detail which covers the basics with a hint of luxury. Includes Hand Wash, Interior cleaning and more!
Price: Starting from $49 (1-2hrs to complete)

  • Vacuum
  • Interior wipe down
  • Clean Seats & area
  • Clean Windows


  • Hand Wash & Hand Dry
  • Clean Rims
  • Remove bugs

• Shampoo Interior add $100
• Apply vinyl and rubber dressing $25

The Gold Package

To Enhance, Clean and Protect. A complete package designed for the enhancement and protection of your vehicle. Our Premium Detailing should not be mistaken for the typical car detail. Most respected by show car status car enthusiasts. An assessment of your vehicle with our detail expert will be completed at the time of booking or the before the work is initiated.

Price: Starting from $249 (4-8 hrs to complete)

  • Brush & Vacuum
  • Shampoo/Steam clean
  • Detail Interior
  • Full Interior wipe down
  • Apply Protectant & Shine
  • Clean & Condition Leather
  • Trunk included
  • Car fragrance (by request)
  • Clean Windows & Mirrors


  • Hand Wash & Hand Dry
  • Clean & Shine Tires
  • Clean Rims
  • Clean Wheel wells
  • Remove bugs & Tar
  • Clean & Condition Plastic & Rubber Trim
  • Engine Bay Detail

Paint Protection & Shine

  • Apply polymer sealant/wax application by hand
  • Headlight Polish add $99

The Diamond Package

Correct, Enhance, Clean and Protect

The ultimate reconditioning in interior and exterior car care and will leave your vehicle looking at its absolute best. This package was developed to bring your vehicle back to life! It is simply the best detail we offer which includes: Paint Touch Up, Scratch Removal, Clay Bar, Buffing, Hand Waxing & more. Imagine a full reconditioning of your exterior without repainting.
By Estimate Only (Typical pricing is approx. $350-$400) (6-12 hrs to complete)

Includes all the components of the Gold Package PLUS
Paint Correction & Restoration

  • Wet sanding- "shaving" a microscopic layer of clear coat off the paint surface to level out a deep scratch or imperfection.
  • Claybar decontamination - Safely removes contaminants from the paint and leaves your vehicle feeling slick and smooth.
  • Compounds - via machine to remove moderate to severe defects & oxidation and bring back the paints original mirror finish.
  • Paint is medium polished to remove remaining imperfections like buffer swirls.
  • Final polish - gloss-enhancing finishing polish to deepen the gloss, and remove minor swirls and imperfection and refine the paint surface to restore gloss.
  • Polish trims - metal exhaust tips, chrome trims etc
  • Apply polymer sealant/wax by hand

Paint Touch up by Brush

  • Touch up paint ordered by colour code
  • Apply Paint (color) to chips and scratches throughout the vehicle which blends & hides the sub surface.

• Headlight Polish add $99